Thassa’s Intervention might be the best Instant spell in Theros: Beyond Death

Blue may have the most powerful Instant in Standard.

Thassa Theros MTG
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

The Theros: Beyond Death spoilers revealed a resourceful Instant today.

Only a few days remain until every MTG Theros: Beyond Death (THB) card has been revealed and Thassa’s Intervention grabbed one of the final Rare slots. It’s a Blue Instant spell that can either produce card draw or act as a counterspell.

Blue may have the most powerful Instant in Standard.
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

Thassa’s Intervention may be the best Instant in the THB set because of its versatility. At a minimum of four mana, the Instant spell can produce two cards in hand. Later in a match, it can refill a player’s entire hand.

Increasing the tempo of a match is key, especially in Blue Control decks. Thassa’s Intervention has the versatility to do it at any point. 

Producing cantrip alone makes Thassa’s Intervention a solid spell, but it also comes with an additional option. Similar to Quench, but better, the counterspell option attached to Thassa’s Intervention allows a player to force an opponent to pay twice “X,” disrupting gameplay all throughout a match.

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Thassa’s Intervention increases in power when combined with the planeswalker Ral, Storm Conduit, who has a minus-two ability that copies an Instant or Sorcery spell. Another option might include God-Eternal Kefnet in Standard, who can copy the first Instant or Sorcery drawn each turn. There’s also Narset’s Reversal, an Instant that copies a spell and then returns it to the owner’s hand. 

But don’t count out the power that Thassa’s Intervention will have in THB Limited, either. The Instant spell helps a player find game finishers while controlling the board state.

Experiment with Thassa’s Intervention when Theros: Beyond Death is released on Jan. 24.