Rosewater addresses future of MDFCs and Phyrexian creature type in MTG

The future looks bright.

Image via WOTC

Head designer Mark Rosewater answered questions today regarding the regularity of Modal Double-Faced cards in upcoming Magic: The Gathering sets and the future of Phyrexian as a creature type. 

The release of Kaldheim brought about the return of MDFCs, dual-faced cards first introduced to Magic via Zendikar Rising. From lands to Gods, the double-faced cards have had a positive impact on the MTG Standard meta. But despite their popularity, MDFCs won’t make regular appearances in future sets, according to Rosewater

Production of MDFCs is complicated, requiring the cards to be printed on their own sheet, while also creating “logistical play issues.” Recognizing the positive impact that MDFCs have had on Magic, Rosewater committed to them returning to future sets on occasion. 

“A large majority of the audience seems to really like them and there’s a lot of (practical) design space left, so I’m optimistic they’ll return, although I’m not sure it will be ‘regularly,'” Rosewater said.  

The Phyrexian creature type also made its debut in KHM via Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider. Some fans were curious if the Phyrexian creature type would receive an overhaul similar to Dinosaurs and Rosewater said the MTG team is planning to “errata old cards.” All Magic cards that are Phyrexian will gain the Phyexian creature type. 

Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider was the Magic team’s “reintroduction of the Phyrexians.” Rosewater had been “trying for years” to bring about the Phyrexian creature type and the team is happy to have pulled the trigger to make that happen.