Rodriguez Lopez and Torres go undefeated at MTG PT Brussels day one

Dimir Inverter and Mono-Red Aggro had a solid day one run.

MTG Players Tour Brussels day one standings
Screengrab via Magic Twitch:

Juan Jose Rodriguez Lopez and Bernado Torres got off to a hot start in the first Magic: The Gathering Players Tour tournament of the 2020 MTG partial season earlier today.

Top Magic players who qualified for the event in Brussels, Belgium are competing for a total prize pool of $200,000 and an invitation to the Players Tour Finals in April. They’re also showcasing Pioneer Constructed for the first time on the main stage. 

The day began with three rounds of Theros: Beyond Death Booster Draft and then moved onto five rounds of Pioneer Constructed. 

Rodriguez Lopez and Torres completed the first eight rounds as the only two undefeated Magic players at PT Brussels. They were joined in the top four by Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa (PVDDR) and Raphaël Lévy, who also went undefeated in the THB Booster Draft earlier today. 

The day one Pioneer Constructed meta at PT Brussels was diverse, with a healthy mix of various decks competing in the last round of the day. 

  • Seven Mono-Black
  • Five Spirits
  • Six Inverter
  • Four Delirium
  • Three Mono-Red
  • Three Niv-Mizzet
  • Three Mono-White
  • Three Azorius Control
  • Two Lotus Breach
  • Two Simic Ramp

Rodriguez Lopez played a Mono-Red Aggro build while Torres chose Dimir Inverter, a newer creation in the Pioneer format. Closely behind them, PVDRR was playing Niv to Light and Lévy used Azorius Spirits. 

Coverage of Magic’s Players Tour Brussels resumes tomorrow at 2am CT with THB Booster draft and five more rounds of Pioneer Constructed.