MTG Arena Patch 2021.01.30 patch: Full notes and updates

The micro patch resolves UI and bug issues.

Kaldheim MTG World Tree
Image via WotC Magic: The Gathering

Wizards of the Coast uploaded a micro patch to MTG Arena today, resolving several UI issues and bug fixes. 

A micro patch shut down MTG Arena for several hours today while UI and bug issues were resolved prior to the Arena Open this weekend. To improve gameplay, exile animations were sped up and floating mana was split into “distinct piles when being autotapped,” according to WotC

An issue where large queues of abilities and spells on the stack were causing a forced draw was also resolved for the upcoming Strixhaven Qualifier weekend. A large number of UI issues were fixed too, from Treasure tokens to mobile issues where revealing an opponent’s hand caused problems. 

Here are the patch notes for MTG Arena’s 2021.01.30 update.

  • The client shouldn’t soft-lock following a victory or defeat screen. 
  • A mobile bug that caused multiple issues upon a hand being revealed was resolved. 
  • Showcase Adventure cards no display the correct power/toughness visuals.
  • Cards that have been exiled will show text now without having to mouse over them.
  • Cards with “X” values will no longer display an error message
  • Icons for Mill and Scry hangers are displaying correctly. 
  • Land sides of MDFC’s should no longer show the number zero as a mana cost. 

Bug fixes

  • Thriving lands will correctly tap for mana upon entering the battlefield with a Blood Sun on the board. 
  • Littjara Kinseekers entering the battlefield no longer counts back-face creatures of MDFC’s on the battlefield.
  • Frostpyre Arcanist no longer counts an opponent’s creatures for a cost reduction. 
  • The game will no longer crash if Stonework Packbesast was the first card added to the deck.
  • When an equipped creature that has changed control with Shackles of Treachery dies while the Shackles ability is still on the stack, the player is no longer able to destroy that creature’s Equipment. Relevant Ruling: If that Equipment is no longer attached to the creature as the ability tries to resolve, the ability won’t resolve and the Equipment won’t be destroyed.
  • An Ability text should no longer get replaced with a reminder text.