MTG Arena March State of the Game: Full notes and updates

New Alchemy events and cards are dropping this month.

Image via Lunaurum Art and WotC

Following the release of Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, over 25 Magic: The Gathering Alchemy cards are dropping in March, along with events, new digital-only mechanics, and a discussion about the MTG Arena economy. 

Wizards of the Coast will address the MTG Arena economy via “MTG Weekly” on the Magic Twitch channel. The stream will start at 4:30pm CT on March 17, providing information regarding “design philosophies and intentions,” according to WotC. Players have been calling for changes to the MTG Arena economy for some time and have voiced additional concerns following the release of the Alchemy format and A22 cards, of which a majority of the new digital-only cards are classified with a rarity of Rare. 

New MTG Arena Alchemy cards and events

In conjunction with the economy discussion taking place on March 17, over 25 new digital-only Neon Dynasty: A22 cards will release into the Alchemy and Historic formats. A total of 15 of the new cards have a rarity of Rare and five have a rarity of Mythic Rare. 

To celebrate the release of Neon Dynasty: A22, a free-to-play Alchemy event will run from March 17 to 19. The Into the Future event contains four preconstructed decks using the new digital-only cards. Players can rotate decks out in between games and earn up to three individual card rewards, along with 1,000 Mastery XP. 

On March 25, there will be an Alchemy Metagame Challenge event, giving players a chance to win up to 30 Neon Dynasty: A22 booster packs and gold. The format is best-of-three with up to seven match wins and only one match loss. Players can compete in the event via an entry fee of 2,000 gold or 400 gems. 

The Alchemy Metagame Challenge for Neon Dynasty: A22 is the first of its kind on MTG Arena. All players who enter the event will receive a neon Ogre Mask card sleeve. 

MTG Arena UI changes

The March 17 MTG Arena update will include changes to the play blade. Event tabs will have separate filters for Limited, all, in progress, new, and Constructed. And the last played tab is getting expanded to show recently played events, alongside other queues. 

Opening packs is also getting a minor upgrade in that unopened MTG Arena booster packs will now get organized from oldest to newest set under the Packs tab. Additional “quality of life improvements” are in the works, according to WotC, with more details to be released in the coming weeks.