MTG Arena July 21 Forgotten Realms announcements: Full notes and updates

Updated events and bug fixes take place on July 22.

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An updated event schedule and minor patch notes for MTG Arena were revealed today by Wizards of the Coast.

Following the release of Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, MTG Arena released an updated event schedule for the months of July and Aug. A suspension was issued today for Brainstorm in the Historic format that will go into effect on July 22. And players having fun with knights and dragons can now play the deck on all platforms. 

MTG Arena July AFR event schedule

An AFR Constructed event is scheduled to take place at the end of July, along with a number of rotating and weekly events. 

Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Constructed

  • July 24 to 27
  • Entry fee of 500 gold or 100 gems
  • Event record of four wins or two losses
  • Rewards for one to four wins

Win rewards

  • One win: Three Uncommon ICRs
  • Two wins: 300 gold and three Uncommon ICRs
  • Three wins: 450 gold and three Uncommon ICRs
  • Four wins: 600 gold, one Rare, and two Uncommon ICRs

Midweek Magic

  • Standard Artisan: July 20 to 22
  • Standard All Access: July 27 to 29
  • Singleton: Aug. 3 to 5

Quick Draft

  • Zendikar Rising: July 9 to 23
  • MTG Adventures in the Forgotten Realms: July 23 to Aug. 10

Other MTG Arena events

  • Standard Metagame Challenge: July 17 to 20
  • AFR Constructed: July 24 to 27
  • Arena Open: July 31 to Aug. 1
  • Arena Qualifier weekend: Aug. 7 to 8

Bug fixes

  • A bug that caused swapped quests to not refresh visually has been fixed
  • Mulitple translation issues were resolved with more that are getting worked on
  • A bug hindering third-party apps was resolved
  • The emote selection screen was fixed
  • A bug that caused the wrong player to lose life from Check for Traps was resolved
  • Fixed a bug that caused Sandfall Cell in the Tomb of Annihilation to count sacrificed permanents to prevent the life loss for their owner and not the controller. 
  • Fixed a bug that caused Mutual Destruction not to gain flash
  • Fixed a bug that caused deck import to fail when trying to import a deck with “+2 Mace” in it
  • Emote stickers for AFR will now properly fade out as they end
  • Improved messaging on mobile 

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