MTG Arena 1.12 October 17 patch notes

The first day of new patch has been marred by bugs.

Zendikar Rising MTG
Image via WotC Magic: The Gathering

Magic Arena stumbled out the gate with the release of Zendikar Rising with black screen issues preventing players from accessing the game. Wizards of the Coast worked on the issues that persisted into the night on Sept. 17. Patch 1.12.00 is ushering in renewal season where sets are rotating out of standard when Zendikar Rising enters. Included in the patch is a new battle pass, emotes, and minor UI updates.

Here are the complete 1.12.00 Magic Arena patch notes.


  • Lands that allow you to pay life to come into play untapped now indicate if they will come into play tapped anyway.
  • You can still pay the life if you want. Who knows, maybe you have plans.
  • Players will get more stops when they control cards with mana abilities that sacrifice a creature.
  • Skirk Prospector can now help you survive that Massacre Wurm.
  • Autotap now values using diverse mana for costs like Chamber Sentry, which value being paid with a variety of mana.
  • Permanents with abilities that trigger once per turn, or “the first time” per turn, like those provided from Kira, Great Glass-Spinner, do not stack if one has triggered, and one has not.
  • Kicker Triggers on the stack now have Kicker VFX.
  • Some ability icons (e.g. Devotion and Undergrowth) now display on cards as double-wide icons and include both the icon and the count.
  • We no longer show an “Added Types” pop-up hanger, because we now have a hanger that actually lists all the types that have been added.
  • Cards with both token and non-token face hangers now suppress showing the token. Cards with just tokens or multiple tokens still display them when moused over.
  • Fixed a few problems in the Color Challenge that made some levels more difficult than intended.

Decks and collections

  • Added text filter options for Dual-faced Lands (?DualFaced) and the Party mechanic (?Party)
  • Added a confirmation dialog to bundled store purchases which shows the bundle contents.
  • Changed the Mastery Tree selections to a “click and confirm” model to better conform with the rest of the game UX.


  • Players can now rollect and customize different emotes!
  • These emotes can be unlocked through the Mastery Pass or certain in-game events.
  • There are two types of emotes: Expansion and Stickers.
  • Expansion emotes are taken from the flavor text of Zendikar cards.
  • Sticker emotes are five different emotions, each expressed by a different cartoon Hedron.
  • Players can set which emotes they want to use in the profile screen by selecting the Emotes button.
  • Players can also see how the emotes look in-game through the profile browser.
  • In-game players can scroll through all of the emotes they selected using the arrow buttons.

As with most patches, the 1.12 update to Arena brings with it new events for players to participate in. Alongside new Zendikar Rising Limited events comes the announcement of several more Friday Night Magic: At Home events.


Quick draft schedule

  • Sept. 18 – Oct. 2: Ikoira: Lair of Behemoths
  • Oct. 2 – Oct. 16: Zendikar Rising
  • Oct. 16 – Oct. 30: Theros Beyond Death

FNM home schedule – FNM Home begins the Thursday before at 6pm CT

  • Sept. 18: Play any event
  • Sept. 25: Artisan
  • Oct. 2: Singleton
  • Oct. 9: Standard

Additional events

  • Sept. 26 – Sept. 29: Standard Metagame Challenge
  • Oct. 3 – Oct. 6: Zendikar Constructed
  • Oct. 10 – Oct. 13: Historic Artisan

For players looking to bling out their decks, Patch 1.12 introduces plenty of new Zendikar Rising card styles and special lands for players to enjoy.


Until Oct. 15, 2020 get bonus Full-Art Basic Lands with ZNR pack booster bundles or on entry into any Zendikar Rising Draft or Sealed event. There are 15 total Full-Art Basic Lands to collect, and the system prevents players from receiving any duplicates. Available on the 6x, 15x, 45x and 90x ZNR booster pack bundles.


Zendikar Borderless Planeswalkers

  • Jace, Mirror Mage Borderless Card Style
  • Nahiri, Heir of the Ancients Borderless Card Style
  • Nissa of Shadowed Boughs Borderless Card Style
  • Price: 960 Gems or 4,800 Gold

Green Showcase Bundle

  • Lotus Cobra Showcase Card Style
  • Kazandu Mammoth Showcase Card Style
  • Scute Swarm Showcase Card Style
  • Skyclave Pick-Axe Showcase Card Style
  • Price: 1,320 Gems or 6,600 Gold

Elementals Showcase Bundle

  • Omnath, Locus of Creation Showcase Card Style
  • Phylath, World Sculptor Showcase Card Style
  • Brushfire Elemental Showcase Card Style
  • Akoum Hellhound Showcase Card Style
  • Price: 1,200 Gems or 6,000 Gold

Borderless Pathway Bundle

  • Cragcrown Pathway Borderless Style
  • Clearwater Pathway Borderless Style
  • Riverglide Pathway Borderless Style
  • Brightclimb Pathway Borderless Style
  • Branchloft Pathway Borderless Style
  • Needleverge Pathway Borderless Style
  • Price: 2,400 Gems or 12,000 Gold

NOTE: This bundle is currently called “Showcase Dual Land Bundle” and the styles “Showcase Styles”. This is incorrect and will be resolved in a later release.

Plane-cation Lands

Each bundle contains the Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain, and Forest that were originally chosen. Find them in the Bundles tab.

  • Basic Lands – Rise of the Eldrazi
  • Basic Lands – Return to Ravnica
  • Price: Each Bundle is 1,250 Gems or 6,250 Gold

Bug fixes

  • Adventures in the Storybook showcase frame now show the correct art on the stack.
  • Powerstone Shard, when turned into a creature, then mutated over, no longer produces Mana, since it’s no longer named Powerstone Shard.
  • If you then put a Powerstone Shard into play, they will both tap for 1.
  • Fixed an issue where creatures returned to play through effects like Malakir Rebirth weren’t displaying counters right away
  • Aftermath spells can now be copied.
  • M21 Showcase Planeswalker card styles now use the correct loyalty symbols.
  • The hanger for defenders who are allowed to attack as if they didn’t have defender now has the correct icon (a crossed out defender icon)