How to watch Twitch Rivals MTG Arena

Get ready for a preview of the Standard metagame post rotation.

Image via Twitch Rivals

Players from Europe and North America are gearing up to earn $25,000 when MTG Arena returns to Twitch Rivals today.

MTG Arena is back on Twitch Rivals for a special Standard Showdown 2020 tournament featuring 40 players. Kicking off at 11am CT via the TwitchRivals channel, players must construct decks using Standard format cards that are rotation-proof.


There are two phases of competition during today’s event. Each competitor will compete in five initial rounds, followed by a single-elimination bracket. All matches are played in the best-of-three tournament format.

  • Five rounds of classic Swiss (11am CT)
  • Single elimination playoff bracket featuring the top-eight players (4pm CT)

The MTG Arena Twitch Rivals tournament is being hosted by Nathan ‘Admirable’ Zamora, Caleb Simmons, and Ben Bateman. Zamora brings his massive knowledge of TCG strategy to the table while Bateman (Schmoedown Movie Trivia guru) brings his love and passion for the game.


The Standard 2020 event on MTG Arena allows players to use Throne of Eldraine cards that were awarded via the Eldraine Courtside Brawl event. And according to the Twitch Rivals overview of today’s MTGA event, there isn’t a stipulation that players can’t use those cards within their 2020 Standard Constructed decks. 

  • Heraldic Banner 
  • Syr Konrad, the Grim
  • Faerie Vandal
  • Savvy Hunter
  • Inspiring Veteran
  • Order of Midnight

Players aren’t allowed to change decks between phase one and phase two. And each 60-card minimum deck can have up to 15 cards in the sideboard. 

MTGA metagame

Since competitors can’t build decks using cards that are rotating out of Standard on Oct. 4, the metagame will look slightly different. Over the course of the 2020 Standard event on MTGA this past week, several archetypes have dominated the field.

  • Dimir Control
  • Golgari Midrange (using Savvy Hunter)
  • Naya Feather
  • Mono-White Aggro
  • Mono-Green Stompy

The MTGA Standard 2020 Twitch Rivals tournament begins at 11am CT today.