How to play Magic’s Throne of Eldraine Metagame Challenge

Put your Magic skills to the test.

Throne of Eldraine spoilers Sept. 13
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

Gear up and get ready to win massive rewards this weekend with the Magic: The Gathering Metagame Challenge via MTG Arena

Wizards of the Coast is once again offering players in MTG Arena a chance to earn Throne of Eldraine (ELD) booster packs with the return of Magic’s Metagame Challenge. The event puts a player’s deck construction skills to the test through best-of-three Standard match play. But there’s a catch—players are only allowed one loss. 

When does the ELD Metagame Challenge start?

Playable only in MTGA, the Metagame Challenge runs from Oct. 11 to 14. The event is here only for the weekend and won’t return until the release of Magic’s next set (likely sometime in January). 

Players are allowed to pause and take breaks between the best-of-three matches. Once the Metagame Challenge event ends, however, play ceases and rewards are given based on current wins. 

What are the rewards?

Competing in the MTGA Metagame Challenge is all about bragging rights and rewards. Over the course of seven wins and no losses, players can earn up to 30 ELD booster packs and 5,000 in gold. 

  • Zero wins: 500 gold.
  • One win: 1,000 gold.
  • Two wins: 1,500 gold and one ELD booster pack.
  • Three wins: 2,000 gold and three ELD booster packs.
  • Four wins: 2,500 gold and five ELD booster packs.
  • Five wins: 3,000 gold and 10 ELD booster packs.
  • Six wins: 4,000 gold and 20 ELD booster packs.
  • Seven wins: 5,000 gold and 30 ELD booster packs.

Is there an entry fee?

Unlike the previous two-part Play Any Card/Win Every Card event, the Metagame Challenge has an entry fee. But obtaining the price to play can be accomplished through completing the daily quests in MTGA

The cost is 2,000 gold or 400 gems. A player can earn 1,000 gold a day by completing the daily quests and winning a few games. In addition, wins will earn players gold and gems via the Throne of Eldraine Mastery. 

What’s the format?

In the Win Every Card Challenge last weekend, players competed in a Standard best-of-one format. The Metagame Challenge is also Standard Constructed but in a tournament best-of-three format.

Players are allowed one loss in the event (match, not games). In a best-of-three format, up to three games are played. The first player to win two games wins the match. In between each game, players are allowed to access their sideboard (15 cards) to add or remove cards from the main deck. 

What are the best decks in the ELD meta?

The Throne of Eldraine season is three weeks in and several archetypes have already emerged as tier-one decks. The MPL Sapphire Division last week showcased Gogari Adventures, Simic Food, Bant Ramp, and GW Adventures. Fandom Legends last week also featured a variety of Bant decks, along with Jeskai Fires. 

In addition to the top archetypes played by the pros, Mono-Black Aggro, Rakdos Aggro, Yarok Field, Rakdos Aristocrats, Red-Deck Wins, and Orzhov Knights have emerged as tier-one decks in MTGA

How do I build a good deck?

Constructing a deck for the MTG Arena Metagame Challenge requires an understanding of the current metagame. Having overpowered cards in the main deck might earn a game win, but it won’t win the match. The trick to going 7-0 is to have a solid main deck with a sideboard geared toward shutting down top decks in the metagame. 

While some players enjoy brewing a deck from scratch, most need a starting foundation. Through sites like MTG Goldfish and Stream Decker, players can copy and export the best decks in the ELD meta directly into MTG Arena.

What are some Metagame Challenge tips?

Going 7-0 in the MTGA Metagame Challenge isn’t as hard as the Win Every Card event, but it isn’t easy, either. With a little luck and skill, however, earning 30 ELD booster packs is an achievable goal. 

  • Practice with your deck before playing the event. 
  • Construct and understand how cards curve out. 
  • Fill your sideboard with Standard cards that will disrupt the top meta archetypes.
  • Study the ELD Standard metagame so you know how to shut down your opponent. 
  • Try to play in an environment free of distractions. 
  • Have fun.

The Throne of Eldraine Metagame Challenge in MTG Arena runs from Oct. 11 to 14.