Here’s every 1.10 MTG Arena event in July and August

Watch and compete all summer long.

Alert Heedbonder Art Magic Ikoria Lair of Behemoths
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

A number of events and Magic esports tournaments are taking place in the months of July and August.

Workshops in MTG Arena have been removed and put on the back burner, but there’s still a healthy amount of events within patch 1.10 for every type of player. From Premier Draft events featuring older sets to the Festival of Time, here’s every MTG Arena event in patch 1.10.

Premier Draft

The month of July has several options for Premier Draft. Core Set 2021 will run throughout the entire patch, along with short term Drafts featuring Throne of Eldraine and Dominaria.

  • July 24 to July 31: Throne of Eldraine
  • July 31 to August 13: Dominaria

Quick Draft

  • July 24 to August 7: Theros Beyond Death
  • August 7 to August 21: Core Set 2021


From Magic esports to casual play, there are a number of events taking place in MTG Arena over the summer. The Festival of Time: Flash Forward event features preconstructed two-color decks consisting of cards that aren’t rotating out in the fall. And the Festival of Time: Historic Super-Singleton features single copy 100 card decks using cards only legal in the Historic format. 

  • July 16 to August 16: Jumpstart
  • July 18 to 19: Red Bull Untapped International Qualifier Online 3
  • July 25 to July 29: Festival of Time: Flash Forward
  • July 25 to 26: Players Tour Finals
  • August 1 to August 2: Arena Open
  • August 1: Players Tour Finals top-eight
  • August 8 to  August 13: Festival of Time: Historic Super-Singleton

FNM Home 

Friday Night Magic events in the MTG Arena 1.10 patch include Historic all-acess, Jumpstart, and Historic Pauper. 

  • July 17: No specific event, allowing players to compete in any active events available.
  • July 24: Historic All Access event that allows competitors to play with any Historic legal decks, whether they own the cards or not. 
  • July 31: Jumpstart Decks with a variety of Jumpstart deck options. 
  • August 7: Historic Pauper that includes only Common cards in a Constructed Historic format.