Here are the MTG Arena Throne of Eldraine update patch notes from Oct. 3

Several bugs have been fixed.

Throne of Eldraine Magic the Gathering
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

It’s been one week since the Throne of Eldraine (ELD) set was released via MTG Arena and the newest update from today fixed several problematic bugs.

Upon the launch of MTG Arena out of open beta, the ELD release went smoothly, aside from the minor rewards redeemed glitch. Over the course of the last week, however, several bugs have been spotted by MTGA players. 

The MTG Arena update today resolves many of these bugs, from Gilded Goose sounding like a goose and not an eagle to fixing issues surrounding Fires of Invention.

Fires of Invention bug fix

Fires of Invention is one of the hottest ELD cards being played in Temur and Grixis. A common bug that was occurring involved God-Eternal Kefnet’s copy trigger. The copy-cast trigger wasn’t previously firing off, but the bug has now been fixed. 

Another issue discovered was that MTG Arena was preventing players from paying the casting cost of cards that had “X” as a mana cost. This issue has also been resolved. 

Card style bugs

Card styles are strictly cosmetic and don’t influence the outcome of a match on MTGA. But players are willing to pay and compete for various styles, making bugs within the program an annoyance worth resolving. 

  • “Adventure cards with card styles applied should now display text in the proper font color when on the stack.”
  • “When applying card styles to cards that appear in a non-Standard set, you should no longer receive the warning that this card isn’t Standard playable if the card is also in a a current Standard set.”

Other MTGA bug fixes

Several other bugs were also addressed in the recent update to MTG Arena.

  • The “whenever you sacrifice a creature” bug that Hushbringer was preventing has been resolved. 
  • When opening MTGA, the game installer should no longer freeze up.
  • Duplicate rewards are no longer plaguing players.
  • The Serra Angel bug in the tutorial (causing the game to freeze) has been resolved.
  • Set Mastery rewards are now displaying properly.