Final seats filled in MTG Rivals League for partial 2020 season

Let the 2020 partial season begin.

Eli Loveman Rivals League MCII Champion
Image via WotC Magic: The Gathering

The discretionary invites for the Magic: The Gathering Rivals League were finally revealed today by Wizards of the Coast.

The new Rivals League, consisting of 32 players, was formed by WotC as part of its improved pro path in esports. Players who ranked in the bottom 12 within the Magic Pro League were bumped down to Rivals and the top digital and tabletop players from the 2019 season were added. 

In addition, there were four discretionary invites awarded by WotC. Here are the 32 Rivals League Magic players for the 2020 partial season, split up based on how their seats were earned, according to a Reddit user

Passed down from MPL to Rivals League

  • Lucas Esper Berthoud
  • Jessica Estephan
  • Eric Froehlich
  • Christian Hauck
  • Alexander Hayne
  • Grzegorz Kowalski
  • Matthew Nass
  • John Rolf
  • Luis Salvatto
  • Mike Sigrist
  • Ben Stark

Awarded Rivals seat based on digital point rankings

  • Kai Budde
  • Stanislav Cifka
  • Kenji Egashira
  • Simon Görtzen
  • Matias Leveratto
  • Théo Moutier
  • Greg Orange
  • Miguel da Cruz Simões

Awarded Rivals seat based on tabletop point rankings

  • Louis-Samuel Deltour
  • Eli Kassis
  • No Ah Ma
  • Sebastián Pozzo
  • Luis Scott-Vargas
  • Thoralf Severin
  • Matt Sperling
  • Yoshihiko Ikawa
  • Bernardo Santos

Discretionary invites to Rivals League 

  • Beatriz Grancha (top-ranked in MTG Arena and past Mythic Invitational invitee from Spain)
  • Emma Handy (SCG grinder)
  • Ally Warfield (full-time streamer and top-four finisher at Grand Prix Indianapolis 2019)
  • Eli Loveman (winner of Mythic Championship II)

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Peter Yeh and Janne “Savjz”  Mikkonen, two original Magic players invited into the MTG Rivals League, declined their invitations. The next two top-ranked tabletop point players, Yoshihiko Ikawa and Bernado Santos, were added to the league as their replacements.