Fans can now play the Magic Arena Win Every Card Challenge

May the draw be with you in the biggest event of the year.

Throne of Eldraine spoilers
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

The chance to win a copy of every card in Standard via MTG Arena is here with the Magic: The Gathering Win Every Card Challenge. 

Players have a small 36-hour window (Oct. 5 at 10pm CT to Oct.7 at 10am CT) to build an MTG Standard deck and then compete in the Win Every Card Challenge event via MTG Arena.

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Celebrating the official launch of MTGA, the tournament is a reward for players new to the game and for those who participated in the open beta. 

The rules for the MTGA Win Every Card Challenger are simple. Players need to construct a 60-card minimum Standard deck using any card available in MTG Arena (up to four copies unless otherwise stated in the text). There’s no entry fee to play and each player is allowed two losses before being booted from the tournament. 

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For every two wins a player achieves, players can earn sweet rewards. But the ultimate challenge of the MTGA tournament is to get 11 to 12 wins. Earning a single copy of every Throne of Eldraine card is in the 11 win reward slot while 12 wins earns a player one copy of every card in Standard via MTG Arena

To succeed in such an MTGA event, there are a few tips every player can benefit from:

  • Build your deck towards best-of-one gameplay, not best-of-three like many net decks.
  • Don’t copy decks that you’re unfamiliar with (gameplay, strategy, and curving out).
  • Dual lands played untapped cost two-life. Too many untapped dual lands played with no lifegain puts you at a disadvantage. 
  • Take advantage of being able to use every legal card in Standard (this includes buy-a-box promos and planeswalker deck cards). 

The MTG Arena Win Every Deck Challenge begins now and runs until Oct. 7 at 10am CT. Good luck and “may the draw” be with you.