ELEAGUE Showdown returns to MTG Arena

Can Manfield repeat his win streak from last season?

The ELEAGUE Showdown: MTG Arena series
Image via ELEAGUE and Intel Gamer Days

The second season of ELEAGUE Showdown begins April 22, featuring top Magic: The Gathering pros and streamers. 

Wizards of the Coast has once again partnered with ELEAGUE for the second season of MTGA Showdown. Airing on Wednesdays from April 22 to May 27, ELEAGUE Showdown returns to Twitch with a powerhouse casting crew and its unique format. 

Coverage of the MTG Arena Showdown starts at 5pm CT via the ELEAGUE Twitch channel. The series will feature Alias V, Riley Knight, and Marshall Sutcliffe on the desk with play-by-play analysis from Cedric Phillips and Corey Baumeister. 

Viewers can expect top Magic pros, streamers, and rising amateurs to compete each week. Competitors will battle in a best-of-three single-elimination Standard Constructed format with the winner advancing.

Whoever finishes in first for the week earns prize money and advances to the next week as the “player to beat.” There’s also a bounty put on the player who advances, while they can earn extra money for every win once advancing to the next week as the “monarch.”

Seth Manfield had an amazing run last season that contributed to a peak viewership of around 10,000 viewers, according to Esports Charts. Viewership should continue to grow in season two since fans are anxious to see what stands out in the Standard meta following the release of Ikoria: Lair of Behemoth

The second MTGA Showdown season begins on April 22 at 5pm CT.