When will Free Fire season 17 end?

Players can unlock jackets, banners, and more by playing the ranked mode.

Image via Garena

Free Fire’s 17th season is underway. Just like past seasons, this one is also offering a lot of rewards to players for advancing through the ranks in the game. These rewards will be given at the end of the season.

The season began on Aug. 21 and will last for about two months until Oct. 16. After this, the new season will begin with players’ ranks being reset as well.

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Players will get gold and other items with each rank they advance from Bronze one to Grandmaster. Some of the highlights include:

  • Gold one: Season 17 gold jacket and banner
  • Platinum one: Season 17 platinum banner
  • Diamond one: Season 17 diamond banner
  • Heroic: Season 17 heroic jacket and banner.

Staying in the top 300 of the Heroic rank leaderboards will advance players to Grandmaster. Here, players will be able to unlock the Grandmaster banner and avatar for 60 days. Other exclusive rewards will also be awarded to Grandmasters.

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Recently, Free Fire released its “Booyah Day” update, which introduced two new weapons—the Parafal and the Flamethrower—and a lot of other changes. The Parafal is a long-range rifle while the Flamethrower burns enemies to the ground. It can also burn down gloo walls faster than any weapon in Free Fire. A new armory menu has also been added in this update.