When is Football Manager Mobile 2023 releasing?

Lead your club to victory from the palm of your hand.

Image via Steam

If you’re a fan of the beautiful game of soccer, then you’ll be glad to know that popular sports simulator Football Manager will be making its way to mobile devices for its 2023 edition.

Players can manage their favorite soccer clubs from anywhere they want, whether they’re on the way to work or school or in bed in the comfort of their own home. Of course, the mobile version is stripped down when compared to the PC and console versions, but there is still plenty to love about having your squad in the palm of your hand.

Players can make blockbuster trades across regions, create the lineup of their dreams, lead a team to a championship, and more in one of the best simulator games on the market to date. But before you’re able to take your place at the head of a world-class organization, the big question remains: When will this game be available for aspiring armchair managers to pick up?

Football Manager Mobile 2023 release date

Football Manager Mobile 2023 is set to drop on Tuesday, Nov. 8. This is also the day that the game releases on multiple other platforms, including Steam, the Epic Games Store, the Windows Store, and the Xbox Game Pass.

For those wanting to get their hands on the game early, iOS pre-orders and Google Play pre-registration will kick off in October. SEGA will also show off all the new features and details that fans can find in the newest iteration of the game.