Supercell nerfs Bee, Colt, and Edgar in Brawl Stars hotfix

Edgar and Colt's damage were hit hard by the nerf.

Image via Supercell

Supercell implemented several nerfs to Brawl Stars characters earlier today with a hotfix after a short period of maintenance.

The developer has reduced Bee’s Super damage from 1,000 to 800 and Colt’s Super damage from six to two bullets of damage. Edgar’s Super charge speed was also decreased from 700 percent to 525 percent and its base cooldown was increased from three to four seconds.

These nerfs have been well-received by the community, especially regarding Edgar, who’s been overperforming since he was released on Dec. 19. He was offered to players as a free gift during the Brawlidays event, which means there’s an Edgar in almost every game of Brawl Stars.

This nerf is noticeable and should make him more balanced in the future.

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Meanwhile, Bee’s nerf is the lightest on this list. Colt’s nerf is also a welcomed change. Since his massive buff on Dec. 15, he’s been dominating the meta with his strong damage and enormous range. The buff increased his main attack’s damage from 320 to 360 and improved his movement speed buff by three percent (from 10 to 13 percent).

While the Brawlidays event recently came to an end in 2021, season four, Holiday Getaway, still has 17 days left. You can complete daily and seasonal missions to earn battle pass XP and rewards. Players who bought the Brawl Pass will be rewarded with the King Lou skin for reaching its highest level, the 70th.

Byron’s second Star Power, in the form of a gadget, joined the game yesterday, too. It’s called injection and its description reads: “Every 3.5 seconds the next basic attack will pierce through targets.” It’s a more aggressive Star Power than his first one, Malaise, which halves all sources of damage received for nine seconds.