SK Gaming and Spacestation win regional Brawl Stars Championship April finals

The teams have edged closer to securing a spot in the World Finals.

Image via Supercell

The April monthly finals for the Brawl Stars Championship 2020 took place today for Europe, North America, LATAM North, and LATAM South.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the finals were held online and several changes had been made to the format. While Europe had a separate final, the best team from LATAM South faced up against the best team from NA and LATAM North for a share of the prize pool and qualification points to the World Finals later this year.

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The top three teams from the region played a best-of-five series with each series being the best-of-five matches in a group format.

Codemagic Black took down Codemagic Purple, 3-2, in the first match. SK Gaming won both their games against Codemagic Black and Codemagic Purple with a dominant performance to win the European finals.

The standings are as follows:

  • First: SK Gaming ($12,000 and 70 points)
  • Second: Codemagic Black ($7000 and 50 points)
  • Third: Codemagic Purple ($4250 and 40 points)

NA, LATAM North, and LATAM South

Spacestation Gaming faced off against INTZ in the NA-vs-LATAM South finals. INTZ lost the series 1-3 against the North American team.

  • First: Spacestation Gaming ($9000 and 60 points)
  • Second: INTZ ($7000 and 50 points)

The April monthly finals will continue tomorrow as the top three Asian teams face off to decide the Asian champions.