Several balance changes coming soon to Brawl Stars

A quick maintenance period will happen to implement them.

Image via Supercell

While this year’s Worlds race recently kicked off and the battle pass still has over a month to go before welcoming the next one, balance changes are set to be implemented in Brawl Stars soon.

They’ll only affect five Brawlers, mainly with nerfs, and no gadgets will be adjusted. These balance changes will come alongside some bug fixes, too.

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Here are the balance changes that will be introduced to Brawl Stars:

Balance changes

  • Crow: Increased Slowing Toxin duration from 2.5 seconds to 3.5 seconds
  • Gale: Decreased Main Attack damage from 320 to 280 per hit and decreased Super charge rate from 10 to 12 hits (120)
  • Mr. P: Decreased Home Base Health from 2,800 to 2,200 and decreased Porter Health from 1,500 to 1,400
  • Piper: Decreased Homemade Recipe homing bullet range by 15 percent
  • Surge: Decreased Health from 3,100 to 2,800 and decreased Main Attack projectile split range by 25 percent

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Mega Monster would not attack players during Enrage when it was exactly at 75 percent health remaining
  • Super City Rampage will now end in a defeat if the maximum server time of 13 minutes is reached and the Mega Monster has not been defeated

Surge will receive the biggest nerf in this update. As usual, like all new Brawlers, he was particularly strong when he was released in July and now receives a welcome nerf with a significant decrease of health.

Gale will be heavily affected by this nerf too. He’ll no longer be able to three-shot a number of Brawlers, which means he’ll have to recharge before winning gunfights. His ultimate will also take longer to be fully charged.

Mr. P’s ultimate will be weakened since it’ll be able to be destroyed with only three shots with these balance changes. Piper and Crow, on the other hand, won’t be affected as much by these changes.

The newest Brawler’s gadgets are also introduced one by one, the last one being Jessie’s, which joined the game on Aug. 12. It’s a boost that increases Scrappy’s attack speed.

These balance changes are set to go live on Aug. 18, according to