Over a million Free Fire accounts banned for using hacks in the last 14 days

Most of hackers were using auto-aim.

Image via Garena

Garena has been actively taking action against hackers in Free Fire. Despite this, they continue to creep up in the mobile battle royale game. Free Fire’s ban report for the last two weeks has revealed that 1,045,826 accounts were banned for using cheats.

Free Fire has an anti-hacking system that detects hackers and cheaters to issue bans to them. Some hacks, however, are able to bypass detection by this system. These hackers can be reported by other players. Garena revealed 50 percent of the banned accounts were reported by players.

Here's an update for all of our players! In the last two weeks, the total accounts we've banned amounted to 1,045,826….

Posted by Garena Free Fire on Friday, February 26, 2021

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“We worked actively to monitor the issues that matter to our players and implemented new detection methods as we hunt down disruptive hackers,” Garena said.

Most of the accounts were banned for using auto-aim hacks. The complete breakdown of hackers is as follows:

  • Auto-aim: 62 percent
  • Teleport: 12 percent
  • Antenna: Five percent
  • Through wall: Four percent
  • Other reasons: 17 percent

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Garena has also banned 27,420 accounts for intentionally teaming up with hackers to achieve an unfair advantage.