How to auto-navigate in Diablo Immortal

Looking to take advantage of the auto-navigating feature in Diablo Immortal? Here’s how to unlock and use it.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo Immortal is a large open-world game filled to the brim with content that stretches far and wide across the mortal realm, Sanctuary. Oftentimes, one of the largest challenges when it comes to large MMOs is that it takes quite a long time to travel from place to place. While it can sometimes be nice to appreciate the art and design of unique and specific areas, most of the time players are looking to get from A to B as quickly as possible.

MMOs have gotten largely around this by implementing some sort of fast travel or teleport mechanic into their game. This is incredibly useful as it can shave off hours and hours of game-time when players reach the final stages. Even if games have this, however, they often require players to traverse the same area or region multiple times to get to their final destination. Luckily for many, Blizzard thought of a way to combat this concern from players and created their auto-navigation system.

What is auto-navigating

Getting to an NPC located in the top corner of an area can be frustrating if the travel time is substantial enough, especially if players have already discovered and explored that particular area.

Fortunately, the Blizzard devs put themselves in the shoes of the players and created the auto-navigation system.

Here, players can get the game to take over their character and automatically venture off to a desired spot or quest location. 

This is extremely convenient as some quests or bounties require players to get to a specific location in an area that cannot be teleported to.

The only downside to this mechanic is that it is not available to players as soon as they enter a region or area.

How to unlock auto-navigating

While players are unable to use the auto-navigation for a majority of the time in a specific area, they are able to use it for roughly the last 75-percent of content in that area.

For players to progress through areas in Diablo Immortal, they’re required to complete the main story and quests within that area. This forces players to interact and engage with the world of Sanctuary and understand the current struggle of the main campaign.

As players reach that 75-percent completion mark, they will be able to auto navigate to areas in that particular region.

How to auto-navigate

To take advantage of the auto-navigating feature in Diablo Immortal, players have a couple of options:

The first is to use the quest journal. Often, players can auto navigate to quest locations if they’ve progressed far enough through an area. Simply open the quest log on the left side of the screen. There will be a press-able navigate button on the bottom of the screen. Once pressed, the game will map out the best way to get to a specific point and do all the work.

The second, and likely better option is to open up the map and set a waypoint. Players have the ability to auto-navigate to a waypoint they drop on their maps. This is incredibly convenient and often used when there are no longer quests to do in an area. This can be used to get to virtually anywhere in a region once that 75-percent progress bar has been reached.

Auto-navigating is an amazing way to play an MMO. The convenience and ability to let the game take over and do the boring work of getting to specific areas is an amazing feeling that all players should capitalize on when playing through Diablo Immortal.