Google Play launches interview series with lead mobile directors and developers for Women’s History Month

Learn about the women behind games like Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battles and Marvel Contest of Champions.

Image via Google Play

As a way to celebrate Women’s History Month, Google Play has launched a new creative initiative, interviewing multiple senior-level directors and designers at prominent mobile game developers about how they started their careers and found success as a woman in the gaming industry.

These interviews will highlight the accomplishments of multiple women who have had a direct impact on making popular apps, games, and programs and share their stories on the Google Play Store. 

From Bandai Namco managing director Nao Udagawa to Supercell game designer Camilla Avellar and Kabam director of business development Lauren Luke, this series of interviews pulls from a diverse background of subjects. 

Udagawa was the first female executive at Bandai Namco for titles like Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battles, Avellar is a designer for Hay Day at Supercell and the host of an update series, Dairy News, for her game, and Luke is a driving force behind the success of titles like Marvel Contest of Champions. Each interview shares unique perspectives on being a woman and working in the gaming industry on high-profile titles or at massive companies. 

Image via Google Play

“Being a woman with an open mind and a commitment to growth has absolutely shaped my career in gaming,” Luke said.  “I’ve wondered whether I’m making the right choices and questioned whether I belong. And on more than one occasion, I’ve been the only woman in a crowded room. By approaching these situations with the mindset that I will learn and develop, and be the better for it, I’m reminded of why I love games.”

And while Luke talks about her commitment to growth and sticking things out, Udagawa discusses Bandai Namco’s approach to promoting equality across the company and how she goes about promoting those values. 

Image via Google Play

“Ever since joining Bandai Namco, I’ve continued to challenge myself with new endeavors, and games was one of them,” Udagawa said. “We hold gender equality in high respect, and reward those who take on challenges regardless of gender. As a member of management, I will continue to champion an environment where employees can utilize their talent without worrying about how their work style is impacting their career plan.”

You can read all of the interviews by visiting the Google Play Store. More creative initiatives are set to come in the future.