Goblin Drill will be banned in the Clash Royale League June season

Players can't use the new card in the upcoming monthly qualifier and final.

Image via Supercell

The Goblin Drill will be banned from the Clash Royale League’s June monthly qualifier and final, Supercell announced yesterday.

The Goblin Drill is the latest card in Clash Royale, released on June 7. With the June monthly qualifier just days away, it isn’t surprising to see Supercell ban the new card. Several players may not have unlocked it, while others might not have experimented with how it fits into the meta.

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Players who use the Goblin Drill in any match of the June qualifier or monthly final will be issued a loss.

The CRL’s June qualifier is scheduled to take place on June 12 and 13. The top 1,000 players from the season 23 trophy race can participate in the competition. From here, the best eight will advance to the monthly final on June 19 and 20.

There will be eight monthly seasons in the CRL 2021. Each of these grants qualification points to the World Finals. The top 24 players after all seasons have concluded will qualify for the World Finals. The players who placed 25th to 56th on the leaderboard will compete in the last chance qualifier for the last eight spots in the CRL World Finals 2021.

The Goblin Drill is a four-elixir rare card. It can be deployed on any part of the map. The Drill travels underground and erupts at the location, damaging and knocking back enemies in a small radius around it. Inside the Drill, there are several goblins who slowly spawn onto the arena.