Free Fire’s Celestial Street Elite Pass now available

The Pass features samurai-inspired skin sets.

Image via Garena

Free Fire’s Celestial Street Elite Pass is live in the battle royale with exclusive rewards, like the Street Devil and Street Angel Bundle skin sets.

The Elite Pass for season 28 now costs 799 diamonds, while the Elite Bundle will run you 1,599 diamonds. The Free Pass is also available but with fewer reward options.

Screengrab via Garena

The Celestial Street story was told in a video released by Garena and is represented by Damon and Celeste, two friends who are in battle. Exclusive Elite Pass items include the skin sets for both characters, the Celestial Blade skateboard skin, the Demon Fury Loot Crate and backpack skin, as well as the Dust Off emote.

To earn the rewards, players must complete missions to earn badges that are exchanged for items such as the TattooSleeve Jacket, summon airdrops, pet food, scanner, gold, resupply maps, and the exclusive skin sets. The missions are divided into three categories that give out a different number of badges: Daily, Veteran, and Elite. 

To purchase the Elite Pass, players must click on the Upgrade option in the Elite Pass icon.