Free Fire Vengeance Day event rewards free Master Destroyer bundle and skins

As usual, Free Fire is packed with events and challenges.

Image via Garena

A new challenge started today in Free Fire. Players can launch matches every day, up to 10 matches per day, to collect Blue Destroyer Orbs and redeem them for a free bundle of cosmetics.

This is part of the Vengeance Day event, which will offer the exclusive grim reaper skin by completing vengeance missions and collecting Blue Destroyer Orbs.

Screengrab via Garena

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The exclusive skin will be given away for 120 reapers, which you can trade your orbs for. On top of giving reapers, the orbs will grant random rewards when redeemed.

For those who fear not being able to play every day to get the grand prizes, the limit of 10 orbs per day will be removed on July 26, the last day of the event. It’ll be possible to collect as many orbs as you need by playing matches without a limit on this day.

Players will also be granted a triple XP, Gold, and Frag bonus for the day, as well as five-times as many orbs for each match played.

To celebrate the end of the event, a new game mode will appear on July 26 and it’ll be available for three days. The last vengeance missions might be able to be completed in this game mode to get more reapers.

Meanwhile, several other challenges can be completed and log-in rewards will be offered throughout July. The map Purgatory also returned to Free Fire’s ranked mode earlier this month.