Everything you need to know about Free Fire’s Bomb Squad mode

The CS:GO-like mode will only be available until March 31.

Image via Garena

The Bomb Squad mode dropped in Free Fire with the OB20 update, which also introduced the Kalahari map, new character Steffie, and Training Grounds. The mode, which is similar to CS:GO, has been available since March 1 and will stay in the game until March 31. 

In the Bomb Squad mode, the map is split into two teams that are randomly put in the offense and defense roles. The offensive team’s goal is to plant the bomb while the defensive team must kill the enemies before they plant it or defuse the bomb before it explodes to win the game. One match will have seven rounds, so the team that claims four rounds first wins. 

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Before the game begins, both teams need to choose their equipment set. Since this is a dynamic mode, it’s important to choose a weapon that you’ve mastered, like snipers if you prefer long-range gameplay or other guns if you’re more aggressive. After choosing your equipment, the offensive team must scout the map for good bombsite points. Once the bomb is planted, the defensive team has one minute to try to defuse it. 

Unlike previous modes, like Team Deathmatch, players who are killed during a round won’t respawn. The game will restart with complete teams in the next round.