Clash Royale season 14 hits live servers, implements multiple balance changes

The Mega Knight should be even more popular this season.

Image via Supercell

Clash Royale‘s knight-themed season 14, called Prepare for War, went live earlier today. It’s available simply by launching the game on your phone—there’s no update to download or maintenance this time.

Season 14 includes a new royale pass, new cosmetic items, and a meta shift, as well as the highly-awaited Clan Wars 2.0 feature.

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The new arena and tower skin go back to a traditional style following seasons featuring dragons and gold heist. The Mega Knight is the featured-card of the season. It received a dedicated tower skin and its level will remain boosted until the end of the season.

This level boost will likely be useful in this meta since the Mega Knight is picked in most decks, particularly in two-vs-two matches.

The new Royale Pass, on the other hand, will offer an exclusive archer emote when upgraded, as well as many chests until you reach Tier 35. After completing all of those tiers, 250 bonus gold will be added to a bank for every 10 crowns earned. You’ll be able to claim that extra gold at the end of the season.

The Clan Wars 2.0 feature will also be introduced to the game. Clan leaders and co-leaders can start a Clan War with the new system, which includes more rewards and more accessibility to players will fewer trophies. New challenges will also be added and will reward six legendary cards.

Season 14 will last 34 days. It introduced a new competitive season with a soft reset of trophies. Players who were ranked above Legendary had their points reduced.