All classes in Tom Clancy’s The Division Resurgence

Veterans of The Division will recognize these classes

Provided by Ubisoft

The Division is coming to mobile with the Resurgence edition of the game. While this is a scaled-down version of the popular looter-shooter, mobile fans are receiving a genuine AAA title. Both iOS and Android operating systems are receiving the game later this year. Just like the other two Division games, Resurgence is an open-world title that will deliver similar systems and mechanics. One of those mechanics is the class system, which are called “specializations” in The Division.

In Resurgence, specializations will be returning, but in a tuned-down version, at least at first. Players can see the list of available specializations coming to The Division Resurgence.

The Division Resurgence specializations

As far as we know, there are two confirmed specializations coming in Resurgence. There could also be more arriving that were featured in the original games, such as Firewall, Sharpshooter, Technician, and more.


The first specialization that’s been confirmed for Resurgence is Vanguard.

The class was confirmed to be arriving via Ubisoft’s official gameplay walkthrough video, which players can see on YouTube or below. The gameplay walkthrough didn’t offer much in the way of details for the Vanguard specialization.

However, we did see several combat instances of the Vanguard class in action.

The specialization is centered around recon and scouting. Players running Vanguard can mark enemies with red triangles so the entire squad can see who they’re targeting. There will likely be more recon-type abilities for the Vanguard class but nothing else was truly revealed about the specialization.


The other confirmed class for The Division Resurgence is called Demolitionist.

This is a specialization that Division players know well, as it’s from the original game that kicked off the franchise. The Demolitionist class is focused solely on explosives and creating havoc. The signature weapon of the Demolitionist is a grenade launcher but players also have access to an artillery turret that can rain down a mortar barrage on enemies.

Aside from huge weapons, players also have access to a frag grenade that can be thrown at enemies to cause the bleeding effect.

The closed alpha for The Division Resurgence has yet to take place, and it’s unclear if more than just these two specializations will be available to players who gain access. However, as time goes on, Ubisoft should continue to reveal more specializations for the mobile game.

Players can sign up for the closed alpha by going to Ubisoft’s website.