When is the Final Fantasy XIV weekly reset?

Get the most out of every week.

Image via Square Enix

Taking full advantage of your weekly reset is critical for maximizing your progression in the end-game of any MMO, and Final Fantasy XIV is no different.

For Final Fantasy, the weekly reset will affect things like your raid lockouts, challenge log, custom deliveries, weekly tomestones, Khloe’s Tail, and Faux Hollows.

Unlike World of Warcraft, the FFXIV reset is global. There aren’t different weekly server resets for individual regions. This means all servers will have their weekly reset at the same time.

The weekly reset in FFXIV is every Tuesday at 3am CT. At that point, you’ll be able to start all your weekly recurring adventures and go back into fresh raid instances.

If you ever forget what sort of timer you’re working with as far as the weekly reset goes, you can check all of your in-game timers by using the command Ctrl+U, according to the game’s manual. This is assuming you haven’t edited the keybind to be something else.