When does the Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons beta end?

Time is of the essence!

Image via ArenaNet

The fourth and final beta session for Guild Wars 2’s upcoming expansion End of Dragons is underway, and there’s not much time for players to get a sneak peak at what developers are planning.

End of Dragons was originally set to release around late 2021, but in July the game’s developers at Arenanet Studio released a statement indicating the game would come out in early 2022 instead.

Shortly after, they announced a few beta tests that would allow players to familiarize themselves with nine new elite specializations coming in End of Dragons. The first three beta sessions were a few days each and intended to test specific sets of new specs. Each session lasted around five days.

This final session, which began yesterday, allows players to test any and all of the game’s upcoming new elite specs and also introduces some other new content coming to the game, including a “co-op combat mount” in the form of a “siege turtle.”

The fourth and final beta session for Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons will end on Saturday, Dec. 4 at 12am CT. As is regularly the case with MMO games, progress made in the beta will not stay with your account once End of Dragons goes live next year.

End of Dragons doesn’t have an exact release date yet, but the game is supposed to come out sometime in February. The expansion has six different purchasable versions that range from $29.99 for a Standard edition to $99.99 for the Collection Ultimate edition.