What is the Lost Ark creator program?

Being part of the program has some nice perks.

Image via Smilegate

For those who have been content creators for a long time, they’ll likely know what it means when a game releases a creator program, and Lost Ark is no different.

Lost Ark is releasing in early access tomorrow, and many are excited to get their hands on the game. For those who are content creators—such as streamers, video hosts, writers, or fan site administrators—there are signups available for the Lost Ark creator program.

The creator program is designed to give content creators access to the game and things that go along with the game, such as promotional material, access to special events, and codes to give away to their viewers or followers.

Not every creator will qualify for the program. In the description for the Lost Ark creator program, applicants must be passionate, productive, engaging, and respectful. This means that you must actively be creating meaningful content for the game and engage with many others in the community to be approved.

If the creator program is something you are looking to get into, you can apply for it on Lost Ark‘s website. You will need an Amazon account to sign up, and you will need to meet whatever criteria Lost Ark has set to qualify.