What is the Faction Reputation cap in New World?

You've got plenty to earn before you reach the cap.

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Factions are one of the key mechanics in New World that influences how PvP factions within the game. A new player will select one of the three factions that are in the game: Syndicate, Marauders, or Covenant.

No matter which option you pick, your choice will dictate your allies during global PvP and other late-game PvP modes. Furthermore, being a part of a faction provides players a way to purchase some weapons and armor that are usually quite powerful early in the game.

As you progress through the ranks in your faction, you’ll have access to stronger exclusive gear. so there is plenty of incentive to rank up. You may be wondering how ranks work and what is the current upper limit in New World.

What is the Faction Reputation cap in New World?

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The current faction cap in New World is 49,000. Players will need to reach the final tier of their faction status to get to this point, which will also require reaching the level 60 cap.

You can gain faction reputation by completing faction missions. These can be acquired from the faction board at your representative within each town. Once you reach a tier, you’ll be halted from advancing further until you’ve completed an advancement mission and are at the required level cap. Here is how much reputation you’ll need to reach each tier within your chosen faction.

  • Tier two: 3000
  • Tier three: 11,000
  • Tier four: 26,000
  • Tier five: 49,000

Once you reach a new tier, make sure you head to your faction rep and take a look at the gear that is available to purchase. They can be very useful depending on how far you are through the game.

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