What is the difference between New World and New World QA on Steam?

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Image via Amazon Games

New World is finally about to get released on Sept. 28. Though the developers had an earlier release date in mind, it was postponed for around a month after the beta ended in early August.

With only a day away from the release, players are getting ready to install the full game or the latest patch to dive right into action when the game goes live on Sept. 28.

Players who’ve been scrolling around Steam may have stumbled upon a second New World build that has QA at the end of its name.

While there isn’t much of an explanation on the difference between New World and New World QA on Steam, the chances are it may be a test build for developers to try out the changes they’d like to implement before adding them to the main build.

QA may stand for quality assurance. Almost all gaming developers have test builds of their main game, and they use it to make sure all the changes they’re looking to add to the main version of the game run smoothly. 

League of Legends, for example, also has a test client called the Public Test Realm (PTR), which allows players to participate in the testing process. Inviting the players to a test client lets gaming companies iron out all the minor details, which can only be found when masses are involved. Without the sheer numbers of players that are willing to give up their time, even the finest QA engineers may miss out on a bug or two.

If you’ve been wondering which one of these clients you should download for New World’s release, the regular one will be your best bet to get in a whole new world.