New World Woodworking guide: Tips and tricks

Chop 'til you drop.

Image via Amazon Game Studios

Refining wood into planks via the Woodworking skill is one of the foundational aspects of New World‘s robust trade skill system. Timber and lumber are both vital refined goods needed for the crafting of a wide variety of products: weapons, armor, tools, furniture, etc.

Here’s a complete guide to maximizing your Woodworking skill as quickly as possible.

Basics of gathering wood (Logging)

Once you’ve gotten a logging axe in your hand, it’s time to chop down some trees to get wood. You can start knocking down young trees of any size beginning at Logging level zero. Chopping down young trees provides you the main ingredient for Woodworking, green wood.

To increase your Logging prowess, use more advanced tools that increase your gathering speed, like iron or steel logging axes. Axes with certain perks will help as well, like increased durability, increased Logging yield, and increased chances of finding rare materials.

Once you improve your Logging skill, you’ll be able to chop down mature trees, Wyrdwood trees, and Ironwood trees.

Basics of Woodworking

Once you’ve got plenty of green wood in your inventory, make your way to the Woodshop. There you can take four pieces of green wood and craft them into a single piece of timber. After that you can use your timber on whatever item you want to craft next.

Higher quality refined planks require a higher material costs and a higher Woodworking skill. Here are all the level requirements and ingredients needed to craft all the different planks.

  • Timber (level zero): Requires four Green Wood.
  • Lumber (level 50): Requires four Aged Wood, two Timber, and one Sandpaper.
  • Wyrdwood Planks (level 100): Requires six Wyrdwood, two Lumber, and one Sandpaper.
  • Ironwood Planks (level 150): Requires eight Ironwood, two Wyrdwood Planks, and one Sandpaper.

To improve both Logging and Woodworking, there are a handful of Territory Standing upgrades you can utilize, like increased gathering speed, increased storage space, or reduced crafting fees.