New World update 1.1 set to introduce Void Gauntlet, new enemies, and faster running on roads

Into the Void will go live Nov. 18.

Image via Amazon Games

Amazon Game Studios has finally detailed what is coming in New World’s first major update 1.1 “Into the Void,” and there is plenty of players to get excited about.

The update going live on Nov. 18 includes a new weapon, new enemies, new missions, combat and weapon changes, and a ton of bug fixes.

The biggest addition to this patch will be the addition of the Void Gauntlet, a hybrid support/damage weapon that scales on Intelligence and focus. This weapon is going to mix things up for healers as previously only the life staff scaled with focus, making this new weapon a perfect pairing.

New enemies will also arrive in Aeternum: the Varangian Knights.

“The Varangians are a force of invading knights currently raiding Southeastern Aeternum,” the patch notes read. “They are led by Lord Commander Attalus, a Gaul with a reputation for brutality and a twisted sense of humor. Commander Attalus and the Varangians are vassals to a powerful warlord named Varik “The Hammer” Iznov.”

Some massive world changes are set to come in this patch notably the addition of a movement speed bonus when traveling on roads. Also, the starting areas have been improved and Ezra’s Forge has been relocated from Amrine temple to southwest Windsward.

There have been new PvP factions missions added including control point, intercept, and war camp loot. With that, several quests in the main story have been updated to “improve the player experience.”

As was revealed last week, all trading posts will be linked when this update rolls out. This should help to boost the economy in all locations.

Along with all of these changes, there are a ton of weapon adjustments, bug fixes, and AI tuning that took place. You can check out a full list of the patch notes here.