New World team addresses PvP concerns, share upcoming changes

These changes will effect Open World PvP, War, and Territory Control.

Image via Amazon Games

The team behind New World released a lengthy blog post responding to players’ concerns for the game’s PvP modes, revealing some of their plans to encourage the player base to flag for PvP more often.

Players in New World can choose to opt-in or out of PvP while playing the game. There were already previously incentives to engage in the practice, but they will be bolstered in an upcoming update.

According to the post, the two short-term changes being implemented include a luck bonus, giving them a higher chance of getting good item drops, and a lower item repair cost. This was one of the major concerns for max-level players to avoid PvP, because the gear repairing costs were too high. Also, for these players, max level PvP kills will “enhance players’ high watermark”.

Another PvP mode that had plenty of issues was War, the faction-based PvP battle to gain control of territories. The team believes that with the next game update, most of the major issues in this mode will be remedied. Outside these issues being fixed, there won’t be any further changes to the mode, however, the team plans to keep monitoring player feedback to make changes in the future.

Finally, the team addressed with territory control. The team plans to monitor faction balance on all servers and make adjustments to balance things out for all players. There is also a change coming to the tax system that will “help distribute a main tax income stream to every territory”.

There will also be new PvP missions coming to the game to help factions gain influence and flip territories, as well as spread out where PvP action is taking place on the map.

If you have further ideas or concerns that you want to be addressed regarding PvP in New World, the team suggests you share them on the blog post, and they will be addressing the top concerns in the coming days.