New World prevents creation of new characters on full servers

Transfer between servers may be needed more than ever.

Image via Amazon Games

A new feature that prevents New World players from creating characters on full servers is being implemented in the game, according to an official tweet.

“Whenever a server is full, the server will be greyed out with the messaging ‘Character Creation temporarily disabled on this server to prevent overpopulation,” the announcement says. At the time of the tweet, 28 servers were already classified as full. 

Players who already have characters in full servers don’t need to worry. The feature “does not affect any characters already created on the server and you will be able to login as usual,” Amazon Games said. 2F2021-10-02-amazon-now-blocks-new-new-world-players-from-creating-characters-on-full-servers

This feature comes as a response to the extended time players spend in the queue to log in. The number of concurrent players keeps increasing on Steam and continues to reach huge peaks, which is proof of the New World’s meteoric success.

This success comes with some problems, however, and servers have a hard time dealing with the high demand. Amazon Games has already increased the number of servers available in several regions, though it wasn’t enough to address the long queue times. All servers now have their status updated on the server status page on the New World website. All full servers are identified with a blue symbol. 

Amazon also communicated about implementing a system to transfer characters between servers for free, as a measure against long queues. That way, you can team up with your friends who are playing on a different world, or who just want to move away from a server with famous streamers. It might take some time until this system is implemented, however.

If you are thinking of creating a new character or are a new player wanting to tour Aeternum, you may want to search for servers with lowest wait times.