New World downtime announced for Update 1.1.2

It will include a few minor changes.

New World
Image via Amazon Games

New World is gearing up to head into downtime in just a few hours as Amazon Game Studios rolls out Update 1.1.2.

This patch includes a few small changes to the game that will get things ready for servers to be merged in the near future and fix the housing issues that took place around patch 1.1.1. The “Turkey Terror” world event also has been completely disabled. According to the patch notes, this event will return in the future.

Now that housing issues have been remedied, affected players can repurchase and use houses that were rolled back during the fix. You’ll also be able to pay taxes on any houses you own that were affected by the recent issues.

Downtime for Update 1.1.2 will begin at 1 am CT and run for around three hours. Once servers are back live these changes will have been implemented.