New World bonus XP event applied to all areas of gameplay throughout U.S. holiday weekend

Level your character's weapons, crafting skills, and more at an increased rate this weekend.

Image via Amazon Games

New World’s month of bonus experience events is being capped off with a combination of experience boosts that span across practically every aspect of the game’s leveling systems. This finale to New World’s string of bonus experience events combines all of the bonuses from the month of June into one weekend.

Over the course of the past month, players were able to take advantage of double experience bonuses for weapon skills, gathering skills, and other facets of New World’s gameplay. 

This weekend, all members of the playerbase can get experience boosts for weapon leveling, gathering, refining, and crafting, as well as general character leveling. All of these boosts will be a double multiplier, with the exception of crafting experience, which will be multiplied by an extra 25 percent throughout the weekend. 

This event runs in concordance with the Independence Day holiday in the United States, giving American players the opportunity to grind their New World skills over the elongated holiday weekend. 

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If you’re a player looking to get back into New World (or get into the game for the first time), this bonus experience event presents the perfect chance to level up your character and potentially catch up at a rapid pace. New World had its Heart of Madness update go live earlier this year, in addition to adding two new weapons, the Blunderbuss and Void Gauntlet, since the game launched last September. 

New World’s XP Extravaganza event is now live through July 4.