New World Autumn King Pack Two available now via Prime Gaming

More free loot!

Image via Amazon Games

Prime Gaming has dropped yet another pack of in-game bonuses for New World players.

The second part of the New World Autumn King Pack began distribution today, giving players access to three gifts simply for being a Prime Gaming subscriber. In this pack you’ll score a new Sword skin, five purple dyes and a fist shake emote.

This is the second pack within the Autumn King collection—the first launched in late November. That pack included two skins, marks of fortune, and another emote. If you missed that drop, you can also claim it while you get the latest pack from the Prime Gaming site.

To claim these bundles, head to the Prime Gaming loot page and make sure that your Prime Gaming account is linked to your New World account. To do this, sign in using the crown icon on the navigation bar. Now sign in to your Amazon account and select “claim” on the Autumn King packs you want to add to your collection.

This won’t be the last drop for Prime Gaming members this year. In a few weeks on Dec. 21, the final New World loot drop of 2021 will launch, so make sure you stay tuned for that.