Lost Ark surpasses 20 million players following Western launch

The launch has been a success.

Image via Smilegate

The launch of Lost Ark in North America, Europe, South America, and Oceania has doubled the player base of the game, according to Amazon Games.

According to the developer, half of the player base is coming from the regions where the game was internationally released last month, and the other half from the regions where it initially launched, including South Korea and Japan. In total, the game has now surpassed over 20 million players.

The launch of the game was heavily anticipated, and many players flocked to the servers as soon as it released. A day after its launch on Feb. 11, over one million concurrent Steam users were playing the game, the second-highest peak of concurrent players behind PUBG on the platform. Over 4.7 million new players joined the game at that time, which caused various server and matchmaking issues the developer fixed over the following weeks.

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Although the game was highly anticipated, the number of players who tested it out was unexpected, putting the servers to the test.

The MMO offers an innovative game experience by using hack-and-slash mechanics in combat and offering many exploration mechanics, including over 50 islands to discover when sailing and several continents to explore through the main history quests. It also offers tons of content despite being new to the Western audience, due to existing for several years in Asia.

After receiving a mitigated response from the launch of its first MMO game New World, Amazon Games has garnered positive reviews from publishing Smilegate’s title and is committed to bringing more content to players and improving the game experience with regular updates.

“Together with Smilegate, we are committed to supporting the growing community with a robust roadmap of updates in the years to come,” the VP of Amazon Games Christoph Hartmann said today.

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