Lost Ark is getting a new storyline, Abyss Raids, and more in March

New challenges are coming later this month.

Lost Ark Server Queue times
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Lost Ark is getting some new content in March, including a new storyline and a new end-game activity called Abyss Raids.

In an update posted today, Lost Ark told players what they can expect in the next major game update. The two big highlights are the new storyline and the new Abyss Raid. But the post also says that those aren’t the only things players are getting and that more will be shared in the full release notes when the update is closer to launch.

Story Episode – Kadan

A new storyline will enable players to embark on new quests, go to new islands, and see more lore in cinematic cutscenes. To have access to the new storyline, players will need to complete a few quests since the storyline is intended for end-game players. Once those are complete, players will be able to experience Isteri and Illusion Bamboo Islands. It’s recommended that players only embark on the new adventure if their item level is 1,100 or higher.

New Abyss Raid – Argos

Similar to Guardian raids, eight players will need to team up to defeat a Guardian before time is up, and there are only a limited number of revives that are available. This raid is more difficult than the raids players have encountered already and will consist of three phases, with each phase presenting a new and more difficult challenge.

Progression on Argos will be rewarded since players will receive a weekly reward for each phase they defeat. There are also different item level requirements for players to participate in this raid, but no details on what they are have been released. Those looking to take on the challenge will be able to do so through the Abyss Raid Statue, which appears in major cities.

More information will be available closer to when the update is ready to go live. The update will include bug fixes and some changes, though it’s unclear what kind of changes players will see when the update goes live sometime in March.