How to play Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Early Access

Early bird gets the worm.

Image via Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIV’s fourth expansion pack, Endwalker, is due for a Dec. 7 release. The hype levels increase as the day approaches, but you may not even need that long to start enjoying the new content.

Players who’ve pre-ordered the game will be granted Early Access to the latest expansion, allowing them to get a head start. If you’ve pre-ordered Endwalker but don’t know how you can participate in the Early Access, go through the following steps.

Windows and MacOS users

If you’ve pre-purchased Endwalker on a Windows PC or MacOS, you should receive a 20-digit pre-order bonus code. This code contains other rewards for the purchase alongside letting players into the Early Access. After securing this code, you can activate it by doing the following.

  • Navigate to the Mog Station
  • Sign in with your preferred login method
  • Select your Service Account
  • Head over to the Registration Codes tab and choose Enter Pre-order Bonus Code
  • Paste your 20-digit code here and you’ll be able to access Endwalker’s Early Access

Steam users

Players who access Final Fantasy XIV will need to complete an additional stage to find their 20-digit access code.

  • After pre-ordering the expansion, right-click on Final Fantasy XIV and choose Manage
  • Select CD Keys and copy the one that’s for RF5A
  • Log into Mog Station with your preferred method and navigate to the Your Account tab
  • Select your Service Account
  • Click on Registration Codes and choose Enter Pre-order Bonus Code
  • Paste your 20-digit access code and you’ll be able to log into the Early Access.

PlayStation users

After purchasing Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker on the PlayStation Store, you can unlock the Early Access by doing the following.

  • Once you pre-order the game, you’ll need to register it to your active Square Enix Service Account
  • Navigate to Settings on your PlayStation
  • Choose PlayStation Network/Account Management
  • Select Account Information
  • Click on Services List
  • Locate Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn to confirm your pre-order
  • If your pre-order was successful, then there should be an entry that reads Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Early Access or Pre-order, meaning you can log in to the Early Access on your console.