How to get a minimap in New World?

You'd think it'd be included, right?

Image via Amazon Games

New World is set in a beautifully designed map that features all kinds of landscape. Considering the level of detail around the map and the number of obstacles, such as trees or houses, it isn’t uncommon for players to get lost or bump into an obstacle or two from time to time.

If you have a bunch of quests that you’re looking to complete in the same area, finding the NPCs can be a real struggle while you run around the town. While you can always bring up the map and zoom in to see where exactly you need to go, it makes players wish there was a minimap on their screen which would prevent them from interacting with the whole map.

Amazon Games hasn’t shared any plans or thoughts about whether the company would add a minimap to the game in the future. This means there’s no official way to enable a minimap in New World. With the lack of a minimap, though, two players decided it was time they took the matters into their own hands.

As of now, some minimap addons can be found online. They allow players to have a minimap when they walk into a town or whenever they want, making it easy to find resources or even crafting stations inside a city.

Amazon Game Studios’ stance on addons is currently unclear, however, meaning installing a minimap mod may also cause players to receive penalties if the company decides not to support them. It’s also unclear if it could have any effects on EasyAntiCheat, so using any third-party add-ons comes with its own share of risk.

Players who’d like to have an official minimap in the game will have no choice but to take their request to the community forums or try reaching out to the developer team through social media. The chances are a minimap feature may find its way to the game in the upcoming months since it would make a lot of players’ lives relatively easier. Getting lost in a town without a minimap often results in players opening the map, memorizing the location they’d like to go to, and constantly repeating the process to make sure they aren’t going the wrong way—and it can all be resolved with a minimap on any corner of the screen.