How to fix the New world black screen error

Schrödinger's New World.

Image via Amazon Games

New World is finally out and players are already flooding into the servers to start their journey from scratch for the final time. Though most game developers spend days and months preparing for their game’s launch, something can always go wrong and affect the experience of fans.

The black screen error is one of these errors and it usually appears whenever a player is done creating their character and ready to hop onto a server. When the black screen error occurs, players may get the feeling that New World is frozen or bugged out and they might need to restart the game. The game hardly gets frozen with the black screen error since it appears when it fails to find you a server in a given amount of time.

When you see the black screen error, the game will still continue to find you a server, meaning you can wait out the black screen error. If you give it some time and continue staying in the queue when you receive the black screen error, you’ll eventually get into a server and the black screen error will disappear on its own.

If there doesn’t seem to be any signs of progress, however, you can try restarting your game and creating a character on a new server. Considering the game just came out, this looks like an error that will likely be gone within a few weeks as the hype levels return back to their normal levels or Amazon Game Studios level up their server game to match the demand.

Players who constantly receive the black screen error even during hours with fewer players online may need to delete the game and install it from scratch to ensure they don’t have any corrupted files preventing them from logging into a server. 

The black screen error looks like it should disappear on its own within a couple of hours but if you can seem to get rid of it, sending a support ticket to Amazon can also be a valid option. They’ll have more resources to pinpoint the root of the error for you.