How to fix New World login error TooManyRequestsException

You'll need to remain calm.

Image via Amazon Games

As thousands of players attempt to get in on the action of Amazon’s New World, there have been plenty of server issues plaguing players’ chances of getting in.

From the hundreds of thousands stuck in queue, to those who wait hours just to be booted out over time, there has been plenty of reports from disgruntled players of queue-related horror stories.

One of the most common errors that seem to be arising over the past 24 hours is the error message TooManyRequestsException. This error can seemingly appear whenever and appears to kick you out of the queue.

While there hasn’t been a permanent fix rolled out yet, there is a way to get past this error should it arise and remain in the queue.

How to fix login error TooManyRequestsException

Screengrab via Amazon Game Studios

Should this error message pop up while you’re in queue don’t freak out. Simply press the “ok” or “X” buttons on the message popup and wait.

Players who have done this will notice that after a few minutes, they will join back into the queue at their last position. If you rush to press play again or edit your character, you’ll be completely taken out of the queue. Upon joining again, you will be at the back of the line.

While New World’s team has suggested players do this to fix the issues, some players have noticed that if you’re within position 50 in the queue, this error will cause you to miss out on your spot completely and you’ll need to queue up again.

While it’s not the perfect fix, this should help out a lot of players who have been freaking out and joining back at the end of the queue after seeing this error pop up.