How to fix Error 2002 in Final Fantasy XIV?

Can't get in the game? There's a simple explanation.

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Final Fantasy XIV is entering its busiest days with the release of the upcoming expansion Endwalker, and it’s going to bring a massive amount of new and returning players.

With that much new content introduced at once with the expansion, however, issues may arise and prevent the players to enjoy the new content or even to play the game.

In addition to long player queues to enter the servers, the players might be welcomed by unexpected new errors and forced to leave the game. Error 2002 is chief among them, and here’s what you can do about it.

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How to fix Error 2002 in Final Fantasy XIV?

If you’ve encountered Error 2002 when you try to select your character to enter a World after logging in, you’re not in luck.

The Error 2002 is not related to your setup, but to FFXIV‘s servers. It comes up when the servers are overloaded with players, as a measure to prevent them to go offline by keeping more players out.

“This error is displayed when the login server is experiencing high amounts of traffic or when the number of characters waiting in a login queue for a logical Data Center exceeds 17,000,” the developer said in an official statement. The only solution is to “wait a while before trying again,” according to the developer.

If you’re trying to connect in busy hours, in any case, it might be best to log in directly in the less-crowded servers.

A new feature will be added to change worlds before logging in with your character in Endwalker. It will streamline the process process and might enable you to play, even if you’ll likely have to wait a bit in the queue.

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