How do Wards work in Final Fantasy XIV?

Wards seem intimidating, but are pretty easy to navigate

Image via Square Enix

Today Final Fantasy XIV players got to set their eyes on a new housing district in Ishgard called Empyreum, which opens up a bunch of new housing Wards for people to buy their own player houses.

In order to buy a house, players must first choose the Ward they’d like to live in. Wards are instances of the housing district, of which there are now five.

  • Limsa Lominsa – The Mist
  • Gridania – Lavender Beds
  • Ul-dah – The Goblet
  • Kugane – Shirogane
  • Ishgard – Empyreum

Each housing district has 24 Wards. In each Ward are 60 plots of land that players can buy and customize.

How to enter a Ward

To enter a Ward, go to any of the cities listed above and go up to the Aetheryte and select it. Choose “Residential District Aethernet”, and it will bring up another menu. From there, choose “Go to specified ward (Review Tabs)”. This will bring up a menu that looks super intimidating but is actually quite simple.

Screengrab via Square Enix

On the left are the Ward numbers, and on the right are all of the plots within that Ward. Near the top is a tab where you can look at plots one through 30 and plots 31 through 60. Clicking on any of the plots that have character names attached to them will bring up the estate profile, and if the plot is unoccupied, it will list the price for that plot.

To select a Ward, simply select the one you’d like to travel to on the left, and then press the select button at the bottom left-hand corner of the menu. It will ask you to confirm that you’d like to travel to that Ward and then will take you there.

After you’ve entered a Ward you can use the Aethernet within the ward to travel around and navigate to the plot you’d like to go to.

How to decipher plot directions

A lot of open invitations will have some description of where players can go to reach where they are. Usually, it is an event, a party, or even an in-game nightclub. Late at night, players can usually see some advertisements for clubs and it will look something like “Midgard>Goblet>W3>P36”.

This means players must be on Midgardsormr, and go to the Goblet from Ul’dah, then select Ward Three and navigate to plot 36. You can usually check to see if you’re in the right place by checking the placard in front of the plot to check the address. You can also see if the owner of the plot matches the listing on the party finder.