Here are the notes and updates for Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.18

Four new data centers have opened in Europe.

Image via Square Enix

While the 6.15 update added a ton of new content to discover in Final Fantasy XIV, Patch 6.18 represents a low ebb update ahead of Patch 6.20, which will introduce even more features.

Patch 6.18 is mainly focused on quality-of-life changes, but a few things have been changed too. New data centers were added in Europe and Japan, and the Data Center Travel feature has finally been enabled.

PvP enthusiasts will also be satisfied to see that some changes were introduced in Frontline, as well as a few balance changes, in addition to the launch of Season Two. New rewards can now be claimed using the Crystals won during the first ranked season.

Here are the notes for FFXIV Patch 6.18.

FFXIV Patch 6.18 notes

Asphodelos raids

  • Weekly restriction on Asphodelos’ fourth raid blades lifted.
  • Weekly restriction items on Savage raids lifted, one more treasure coffer now appears.
  • Any Asphodelos Savage raid can now be unlocked.
  • Weapon enhancement can be purchased at Nesvaaz in Radz-at-Han.


  • Season Two of Crystalline Conflict launches.
    • Rewards can be claimed in the Wolves’ Den Pier.
    • Top 100 players will receive special rewards by Moogle delivery.
  • Frontline changes
    • Limit Gauge combat rank bonus adjusted.
    • Damage modifiers added to buff Summoners, Scholars, and White Mages, as well as all other jobs.
  • Paladin: Knight’s Resolve effect reduced by five percent.
  • Ninja: Seiton Tenchu effect reduced by two seconds.
  • Black Mage: Burst potency reduced, Superflare adjusted.
  • Summoner: Fester potency increased.
  • Astrologian: Gravity II adjusted.
  • Machinist: Black Charge and Aether Mortar buffed.
  • Dancer: Honing Dance, Reverse Cascade, Fountainfall, and Saber Dance effects and damage buffed.
  • Warrior: Onslaught and Orogeny potencies increased.
  • Dark Knight: Bloospiller and Eventide potencies increased.
  • Gunbreaker: Burst Strike and Hypervelocity buffed.


  • New data center Metro added to Japan.
  • Four new Worlds added in Europe (two for Chaos, two for Light).
  • Data Center Travel system enabled.

Bug fixes

  • Dialogues with F’lhaminn in Mor Dhona now appear correctly.
  • Dialogues with Jesse in Rhalgr’s Reach now appear correctly.
  • PvP damage modifiers no longer affected by White Mage’s Miracle of Nature effect in Frontline.
  • Other issues fixed.

Scheduled for the end of August, Patch 6.2 will be introduced to the game. It will include new main scenario quests, a new dungeon, new trials, new Hildibrand quests, numerous PvP updates, and more.

It will also introduce some highly-anticipated features such as a new form of Deep Dungeons called Criterion and Variant Dungeons, and the island sanctuaries.