Final Fantasy XIV gives first glimpse of Island Sanctuary scenery

Island Sanctuaries are coming soon, and this is the first glimpse of some scenery.

Image via Square Enix

One of the most anticipated features of the Final Fantasy XIV 6.2 patch series is Island Sanctuaries, which is set to launch with Patch 6.25. The patch that includes the feature will come after the late August 6.2 update.

The developers have given some hints as to what will be included in the new feature to fans, but more information is coming in the next few weeks in the second part of the Live Letter, which is set for Aug. 12. Fans have been given a glimpse of what the island will look like in two images posted to Twitter this morning.

The 6.2 patch series called Buried Memory will include the addition of Island Sanctuaries, which is a completely separate area from the game, including a separate inventory that is only used for the island. The island will likely come a short time after 6.2 initially launches since the developers have said that it will now come with Patch 6.25.

The image that was released via Twitter shows a serene-looking lake with a rock jutting out of the middle. There is various flora in the image, but no hint as to what the collectible creatures might look like. Another image shows an image of the coast with a boat upon the shore and gives a glimpse at what the base might look like on the island.

Image via Square Enix

Players will be able to grow crops on the island, craft tools, gather materials, and collect and care for various creatures you can find roaming the island. Although the image released this morning shows what the scenery might look like, fans are still looking forward to more of what the base structure will look like on the island since developers have said it won’t replace player housing.

The island is also set to be massive, based on an image that was revealed in Live Letter 71 that shows a speck that is apparently a Roegadyn in a very small unblurred portion of the photo. This image is likely one very small part of the island.

Image via Square Enix

Fans will likely get a better idea of the size of the island and more details about how the island will function and what players can do on it during Live Letter 72 on Aug. 12. Players are also hoping for an estimated date for when the Island Sanctuaries will be included in the Live Letter.